LovelyNepal is an autonomous, non-profit, non-governmental, social development organization..This organization is a forum of social activists and development professionals.

Mission and Objectives

  1. Promote volunteerism and voluntary efforts in social and national development.
  2. To encourage international and local volunteers towards volunteerism to contribute in the community development.
  3. To support managerial skill to newly or previously set up orphanage and shelter homes.
  4. To educate communities on the importance of education, English language and literacy, hygiene and sanitary living, and environmental management.
  5. To apply new technologies stern knowledge, care methodology and experience on a variety of education and health matters to the village communities.
  6. To provide education and vocational training for community youths in encouraging skilled manpower and create opportunities for self-employment.
  7. To provide language lessons and cultural information for people who come to Nepal to study, conduct research, and do voluntary work.
  8. To introduce volunteers to the richness of Nepali culture and ensure a safe and memorable stay in a supportive environment.